An Iron for every Player.

Irons come in four distinct categories; super game improvement, game improvement, players and players distance.  Don’t make the mistake of simply picking up a club off the rack and expecting to play your best.  The time you are saving will likely be used to add stroked to your scorecards.

I’m not good enough to get custom-fit” is the refrain of so many golfers who buy their irons off the rack. Convinced their swing inconsistencies override the potential benefits of clubs built just for them, these modest souls don’t allow that sometimes the chicken came before the egg. The reason a lot of people hit it sideways is that they haven’t been custom-fit.

Trying to figure out the swing with clubs whose length, weight, lie angle, shaft flex or grip size don’t match the body encourages players to make unnatural compensations that prevent them from developing proper mechanics. If a shaft is too stiff for a player, he’ll hang back on his right side to get the ball airborne; if the length and lie angle are off, then their posture is doomed from the start.”

The higher the handicap, the more necessary it is for that player to get fit. Find a custom club fitter that has access to a wide variety of the different types of irons, shafts, and grips.

Call and set up a time to get fit for your new irons.

Play Your Best Golf. Ever.

Paul Newton – NVI Golf