Every year your irons will be bent out of spec simply by using the clubs.  Your gaps change, your distances change, and your straight shots may vary off to the sides.

It’s not always your game, many times your clubs are not to spec anymore from the constant play, and they need to be bent back to spec.

Do you need to fix your gaps?  Bending your irons is the easiest investment you can make each year.  Having a club fitter with a QUALITY bending machine is your key to play better golf.

We use a Mitchell Iron Bending Machine; simply the BEST there is.  Have your irons checked and adjusted for loft and for lie each year, and even in the middle of summer.

If you play a lot, you need to make sure your gaps are where you want them to be.  Knowing and having confidence in your clubs’ distances is key to lower your scores.

Call and set up a time to have your irons checked and adjusted.

Play Better Golf!

Paul Newton – NVI Golf

Mitchell Iron Bending Machine