What loft is your driver?

9.5°…maybe a 10.5?

What if I told you that what you thought was a 9.5° was actually a 12°?

Paying attention now?  Whatever loft is written on the sole of your driver is probably wrong.  To be more exact, in our study we found that 92% of the time it’s wrong!

Shocked?  You shouldn’t be: the fact that most OEM drivers are stamped inaccurately is one of the worst kept secrets in golf.  But why?

With most things that you buy, you have the ability to verify that you’re getting what you asked for.  When you buy a dozen eggs, you can open the carton to verify that you’re not getting eleven eggs instead of twelve.  This is not the case when buying a driver.  When you buy a driver, you simply have to trust that the manufacturer has accurately labeled the club

This uncertainty leads to one of the most common rumors in the golf industry: club manufacturers consistently stamp lofts that are lower than the actual loft.

It’s hard to make thousands of drivers with the exact same loft.  As a result, club makers accept that there will be some variation from club to club.  The industry-standard tolerance is 1° above or below the “target” loft.

What is the solution to this?  It’s pretty simple; use a club builder that can have the driver actually measured for EXACT loft!  With our line of Tom Wishon products, we can ask for an exact loft and lie, it will be measured, tagged and sent to use to build your new favorite golf club.

Call and set up a time to get fit for your driver.

Play Better Golf!

Paul Newton – NVI Golf

Wishon 919THI Driver

Tom Wishon Golf Driver 919THI