The most technologically advanced set of single length irons the world has ever seen.

The benefit of single length construction is better shot consistency achieved through each club in the set is the same length, same shaft weight, same total weight, same swing weight, same balance point to offer the same exact swing feel for each club.

The most amazing thing with custom golf club fitting and custom golf club building is the ability to mix and match clubs to create your perfect set.  Some customers may be perfectly comfortable playing the single length clubs for the entire set, some have a hard time wrapping their head around that concept and want something slightly different.

With Sterling irons and the complete line of Wishon clubs, we can Customize them your way.

You can play the wedges with the traditional Sterling Iron heads, or use the NEW more traditional wedge heads, OR even mix in some of the existing Wishon wedge heads.  Play the clubs all the way down to a Sterling 5-iron or stop at a 6-iron or 7-iron and add traditional irons or hybrids below that.

Gain the benefits of Sterling Irons on your scoring clubs, but maybe add longer irons in the 7-irons, 6-iron and 5-iron, the list is endless.  Even mix shafts to fight the clubs better to your liking.

I personally play a Sterling S, G, P, 9 & 8 at 36.25″ as my main scoring clubs using Wishon Black iron shafts.  I add in a Wishon 755PC 7, 6 & 5-iron after that with lighter recoil shafts at traditional lengths.  For me, THAT works perfectly.  What about for YOU?

Chat with us and let’s put together that perfect set of Sterling irons that works for YOU and only YOU!

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Paul Newton – NVI Golf

Wishon Sterling Irons

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Wishon Sterling Irons

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Wishon Sterling Irons

Wishon Sterling Irons

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